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Discover China and its culture whilst earning a competitive salary.


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Immerse yourself in the history of China.


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Visit the Chinese countryside to get a more authentic glimpse of China's culture.


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Spend your time off travelling around China and exploring its beauty.


Learn the Culture

Expand your knowledge about many of the ancient Chinese traditions that prevail today.


Our Mission

Our mission at Impact English China is to connect passionate workers to full time teaching jobs across China. With no teaching experience required, we offer the perfect opportunity for you to see the world, whilst also earning a competitive salary – between 12,000 and 17,000RMB a month (£1,600 – £1,950). After we have sourced the perfect training school for you, you will be working great hours with lots of spare time to spend meeting great new friends, learning the language or furthering your knowledge of China’s historic beauty. So, if you want to prolong your university experience, take your first steps into the world of teaching and enjoy a completely unique culture, Impact English China is here to make sure your next adventure is your best one yet.

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“It was really fun getting to know the team at school over the 2 years I've been in the city of Nanjing teaching English. With the help of Impact English China I was made to feel at ease throughout the entire journey leading up to my flight. The experience ended up being twice as good as I could have ever imagined!”

Andrew SimpsonYork, 25

“Impact English China made my experience looking for a job in China so simple, and the teacher training they offered was a great deal of help during my first months before I had developed my own teaching style. Definitely the best introduction into teaching English I could've asked for. Thanks for an amazing experience!”

Harry MorrisLiverpool, 22

“I could not be happier that I chose to teach English in China. After I finished University I didn't know what I wanted to do at all until a friend showed me Impact English China's website - since then I've made some life-long friends and have a collection of unforgettable memories teaching the kids. I would definitely recommend Impact English China to anyone who wants to experience the world of teaching, but has no experience!”

Annabelle ReidWarwick, 24

“The attention to detail that Impact English China provided me with made me feel very secure in the early stages of my move to teach English in China. The clear presentation of steps that were needed to be taken made me feel at ease as well as in control of my new adventure, which was essential at such a nerve-wracking time. Thank you again!”

Georgia WardBristol, 28

“I've been teaching out in Shanghai for nine months now. I love my students, I get along well with my colleagues and I have a good wage which I have been able to spend travelling around China and the rest of Asia. The job is so rewarding and although I don't want to teach as a full-time profession, for me this is just one great expedition and this was all made possible by Impact English! Thank you very much guys.”

Rebecca StevensPortsmouth, 23

Need help getting your Visa?

Once you’ve been accepted by your school we will send you an invitation letter on behalf of them so that you can begin applying for your Visa. If it’s still all too confusing we provide a ‘Visa-Easy’ service for a small fee by which we send you a simple step by step process with all of the required details ready for you to copy onto your form and get your visa!

120+ Hour TEFL Course

Too many TEFL courses to choose from?

With great discounts and a structured and easy to complete 120 hour TEFL course, we recommend using our partner’s online course at TEFLEN Training College to get your 120 hour TEFL certificate. With an exclusive discount for Impact English China applicants, just type ‘IEC’ in the voucher code box after you have clicked enroll and get 70% off today!